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Account Plan and Quota

Every account has a plan assigned (by default, it's the Free plan). The owner of the account may sign up for another plan from the Pricing view, or the Plan & Billing view. Depending on the chosen plan, the owner may create a particular number of teams and invite a particular number of users to each team. The owner or team members may create workspaces and mocks within the current plan limits. See Frequently Asked Questions on our Pricing for more details.


There are some limits set on request/response size and duration of the mock execution.

  • Maximum request size - 50KB
  • Maximum response size (including generated state) - 200KB
  • Maximum Template Mock execution time - 10 seconds
  • Maximum Dynamic Mock execution time - 2 seconds
  • Maximum delay duration - 30 seconds
  • Only the first 10000 characters of the console log is available in the Request log. It should be enough to troubleshoot most of the problems.

State Limits

  • State may not contain more than 1000 distinct keys. An error is raised when trying to set more than 1000 distinct keys in the State.
  • All values set to the State should not be larger than 100KB after serialization to JSON. If the serialized state is larger than 100KB, an error is raised.

Last update: June 30, 2020