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Mock Runtime Versions

Runtimes are internal components that evaluate Javascript code and Handlebars templates supplied by the customers. We continuously improve our product, i.e., add new features or optimize the performance of some components. Due to that fact, sometimes there may be breaking changes that affect the way existing template and dynamic mocks work. Since, at some point, evaluates customer-provided templates and code, it would be impossible to preserve backward compatibility without versioning of the runtime.

The version of the runtime is set on a per-workspace basis. If you would like to change the runtime version, please edit the appropriate workspace.

Our maintenance policy keeps versions of runtime marked as deprecated operational for existing customers (accounts created before we deprecate the given version). In contrast, new clients (accounts created after we mark the given version as deprecated) may only use the more recent versions. If, for some reason, you find the deprecated version of the runtime suitable for your use case, please contact our support at [](], and we'll set up your account to enable the requested versions for you.

The available runtime versions are:

Last update: September 2, 2020